Access to our services via the Internet

We understand that you may have concerns about the personal information collected about you online or the security of your personal information that may be exchanged online.

Information collected about you online
The only personal information Diamond Forest Farm Stay collects from you online, either via our Internet site or through e-mail transmission is personal information that you choose to submit to us in this manner.
Diamond Forest Farm Stay does not collect personal information from you online without your knowledge.

Security of your personal information online
Diamond Forest Farm Stay maintains technology and procedures no less than industry standard in respect to its information management and provision of online services. These measures are revised and updated to ensure we continually maintain and improve our level of security.
Transactions involving the submission of personal information over the Internet to Diamond Forest Farm Stay using one of our online forms via Diamond Forest Farm Stay’s Internet site use encryption technology to ensure the security of that personal information transmission.
Once received by Diamond Forest Farm Stay your personal information is stored and protected by a range of security controls including a system firewall. Diamond Forest Farm Stay does not transmit your personal information by e-mail externally unless you have consented to such transmission either expressly or implied through your interaction with us.
An example of where you may impliedly consent may be when you e-mail us your personal information and require a response using the same medium or when you raise no objection to our advised, intended communication with you or a third party in this manner.

Policy Updates
Diamond Forest Farm Stay constantly reviews all its policies and procedures to keep up to date with changes in the law, technology and market practice. As a result this Policy may change from time to time. The Diamond Forest Farm Stay Security Policy is available on our website or by request from our office.