Farm Stay in the Southern Forest Region

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Breathe in the fresh air; share special times with family and friends; be captivated by the magic of the misty morning views and lengthening evening shadows. See the Milky Way in a clear starry night sky and the brilliance of a full moon rising over the dam, tantalising with its invitational pathway across the water. Stir your love of nature and rekindle your passion for life. No matter what the season or time of year there's always a unique experience or special moment waiting to become your treasured memory at Diamond Forest Farm Stay.

Diamond Forest Farm Stay is a farm of 50 acres with a 3 acre dam as the scenic centrepiece of the beautiful property. Although small compared to the productive farms in the Manjimup and Pemberton areas, the chores at Diamond Forest Farm Stay are much the same as on a large property. There are animals to be maintained as well as all the general farm maintenance chores. The tractor is used for many of the farm chores but usually only in summer when the ground is hard, most jobs are done with the quad bike or on foot.

There are many leisure activities and recreational pursuits available on the property; and all facilities and activities on the property are free of charge and only for guests staying on the property. Please see the activities page for more information..