Activities On The Farm

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Daily Organised Animal Feeding

Every single day of the year we invite guests to join us for a morning animal feed walk. (8am in summer, 8.30am in winter, spring and autumn) This activity takes about 1 hour each day & is every child's main highlight of their holiday. The mornings are always crisp and usually clear, simply the best part of the day. Join us as we meet and feed each & every animal on the property a selection of yummy fruit and vegetables. It is a great experience for the young and young at heart. One part of the feeding run that shouldn't be missed is the running of the ducks, it always gets a smile from anyone that participates. Feeding the animals includes hand feeding kangaroos, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, ducks, ponies, goats, cows, donkeys, sheep, alpacas, our big horse and our bull.

What if you sleep in and miss the animal feeding? You're on holidays so it's good to sleep in but you can always go and visit the animals at any time of the day. Take your kitchen scraps with you and they will be very happy to see you. You can also bring your kitchen scraps along to the animal feed too.


There are two canoes located on the edge of the dam where guests can easily manoeuvre them into the water. Paddles and life jackets are easily accessible at the games room and the best thing... they're free to use. The canoes and equipment are well maintained, you are also welcome to bring your own child's safety vest if you have one.

Games Room

The games room is great. It is set up like a communal lounge room with television, PlayStation and small selection of novels paired with a couple of sofas which make it a really comfortable place to just relax away from your cottage. It also has a foosball (table soccer) table and an air hockey table; that provides lasting hours of fun for the kids and a giggle for the adults. There is also a drinks fridge, and a games cupboard with a selection of outdoor games items.


The dam is stocked regularly with Rainbow Trout and guests are welcome to try their luck fishing. It's just like fishing in the natural rivers…the Trout are not easy to catch, but they are in there! The biggest caught to date was a big fellow of 55cm long and 2.5kg. He was caught on a fly rod and was released back into the dam so he's still there for the next person to catch. Rods are available for guests to use for a small fee or you are welcome to use your own. Catch and release is encouraged and is free of charge, or for a small fee, you are most welcome to keep your fish and maybe cook it on the BBQ at your cottage. The flesh of the Rainbow Trout is delicate, pink and sweet and lifts easily off the bones for eating...  yum! We provide cooking foil & usually always have lemons in the orchard to make the best of any trout...

Other Farmstay activities

Winter in the South West can be the perfect time to re-awaken your long-lost child at heart or just to feel refreshingly alive. If it's raining you won't have to feel guilty about spending all your time indoors! Lounge around eating good food, drink superb wine and enjoy good company, whether that be your own or that of friends and family.

Make it a TV-free night and pull out the board games.

Take a leisurely stroll to explore the 50 acre property. Walk through the gardens or follow the kangaroo trails through the Karri Forest.

Wander the property and enjoy the scenery and space. Talk to the animals as you wander – they love the attention and they have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Watch a DVD from the library, or enjoy some quiet time on your cottage patio with a good book.

Arrange a picnic by going to Holy Smoke & picking up a yummy salad roll then head over to Big Brook Dam and sit and watch the water shimmer. On a hot summer evening, savour your sumptuous BBQ dinner in the cool air of your patio while overlooking the dam or into the paddocks..

Sit quietly, with or without camera, and spy on the abundant bird life. Depending on the time of year you will see Splendid Fairy Wrens, Red-winged Fairy Wrens, Western Rosellas, Parrots, Kookaburras, Black Cockatoos, Scarlet Robins, Black Swans nesting on the neighbour's dam, wild ducks, Spoonbills, plus lots more. Photograph and report what you see to be included in the website.

Take a 40 minute walk from your cottage through the beautiful Diamond State Forest to the Diamond Tree Lookout, one of the original fire lookouts in the South West. Climb the tree and take in the panoramic view. On your way home see if you can spot some Western Grey Kangaroos.

Once you have exhausted all options for things to do on the farm at Diamond Forest Farm Stay why not find out more about the local attractions on offer by checking out What to do in Manjimup or what to do in Pemberton .